Hate Speech Against the Death of Common Sense

There are times you just have to give up on the polite fiction of Tolerance Is the Greatest Commandment and say something.  (Not that I'm good at following this dictum anyway.)  Times when, for instance, logic and science get thrown out the window.  For those of you who gave up keeping track of the clowns trying to push sexual identity boundaries or whatever the approved phrasing is these days, apparently "transgender" is a thing, and (these days) not a thing as in "mental disorder and/or evidence parents did a terrible job of parenting" but thing as in "the (newest?) thing embraced as supposedly normal and acceptable by the bleeding-edge liberal crowd".  Which, granted, isn't much of a surprise all things considered.

Now it gets fun.  A Girl Scout troop – not the first incident – has apparently accepted a boy, because he "identifies as a girl" (whatever that means).  You'll notice this news feed identifies that as a "Good Turn of the Day", and I suppose you won't be surprised when the follow-up story – that people fed up by the absurdity are attempting to stage a cookie boycott, headlined by a 14 year old who's apparently a natural democrat (note the small d) and capitalist – got labeled as "This is All Kinds of Wrong of the Day".

Let that soak in for a minute.  The person who's getting labeled "all kinds of wrong" isn't the kid (who's confused) or his mom (who's supportive of this absurdity) or the troop (which caved on the issue), but the people pointing out that, dude, that's a guy, and at least this Girl Scout troop is off the rails.

I'm going to make a wild assumption that most of the people reading this have had at least a rudimentary high school biology course and know that biological sex is not really one of those things that leaves much room for debate.  For a boy to "identify as" a girl makes about as much sense as me "identifying as" the Emperor of the United States, and what with me not being as awesome as Joshua Norton, that would get me committed some place with padded walls.  Maybe I should have "identified as" Native American when I was looking for college scholarships?  I mean, at least I am a native American.

I could go on saying similar things for a while here, but I'll leave you with the most outrageous comment I've seen – with variations in several places – which is that this sort of thing sets a good example for the Boy Scouts, who, you know, haven't failed basic life science yet.

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